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Ying Shirley Meng

Director, Sustainable Power and Energy Center

Principal Investigator, Laboratory for Energy Storage and Conversion

Dr. Y. Shirley Meng received her Ph.D. in Advance Materials for Micro & Nano Systems from the Singapore-MIT Alliance in 2005, after which she worked as a postdoc research fellow and became a research scientist at MIT. Shirley is currently the Associate Professor of NanoEngineering, University of California San Diego.

Dr. Meng’s research focuses on the direct integration of experimental techniques with first principles computation modeling for developing new intercalation compounds for electrochemical energy storage. She is the founding Director of Sustainable Power and Energy Center (SPEC), consisting faculty members from interdisciplinary fields, who all focus on making breakthroughs in distributed energy generation, storage and the accompanying integration-management systems.

She is the principle investigator of the research group - Laboratory for Energy Storage and Conversion (LESC). The more recent programs include the design, synthesis, processing, and operando characterization of electrode materials in advanced rechargeable batteries; novel intercalation materials for sodium ion batteries; and advanced flow batteries for grids large scale storage.

Dr. Meng is the author and co-author of more than 110 peer-reviewed journal articles, one book chapter and two patents.