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The Deep Decarbonization Initiative seeks to identify techniques and approaches that work in the real world, and understand to what degree they can help meet human energy needs while reducing net carbon emissions. Making these solutions a reality will require knowing how energy systems work in many different regions. While the general technological opportunities for decarbonization are global, the real world practical details vary enormously.

Our partners will be vital to this process. Crucial to the initiative is the relationship to business, because we need to understand not only the fundamental ideas that could really be transformative, but the reality of getting actual companies to invest in testing and deployment. That’s how the world can move from talking about decarbonization to doing it.

“Sometimes when you’re working on a new technology, you need to purposefully ignore what’s possible in the near-term, commercially. Ultimately, someone has to see a strategy for deploying capital. And the numbers are staggering. We’re taking about changing investment patterns by trillions of dollars a year in the energy system, over many decades. That has to be done with a sense of reality.” — David G. Victor

Benefits of Partnership

  • Interact with leading engineers, social scientists and natural scientists focused on radical decarbonization of the global economy
  • Access the latest insights from our large-scale projects
  • Engage top talent at UC San Diego focused on global decarbonization
  • Fast-track collaborative agreements
  • Attend our member meetings
  • Join our Advisory Board


George R. Tynan

George R. Tynan
Jacobs School of Engineering

David G. Victor

David G. Victor
School of Global Policy & Strategy