Ryan E. Hanna

Solar Resource Assessment & Forecasting Laboratory

A Ph.D. candidate in mechanical engineering at the Jacobs School of Engineering, Ryan Hanna works closely with Jan Kleissl, David Victor and Bill Torre. His research includes economic modeling of microgrids, investigating the extent to which a decentralized paradigm can help decarbonize the grid, and in what ways that paradigm is optimal (or not). Regulations that will shape the future power system are far from certain, however—and that uncertainty affects the business cases for microgrids today. He is helping to model policy, technology and market variables to understand how they affect the economics feasibility, or “business case”, for microgrids.

Additionally, Hanna is addressing grid integration of solar energy — exploring grid impacts of distributed and centralized solar power — and behind-the-meter applications for solar storage systems. At UC San Diego, research has developed optimization algorithms for peak load shaving and PV ramp rate control using a solar+storage system. These algorithms have been simulated in the virtual environment and implemented operationally using real PV systems and second-life EV battery storage systems on campus.